Sub-Assembly & Electromechanical Assembly

Streamlined process with added value solutions

In today’s competitive market, the technology and equipment needed to sub-assemble intricate precision and electromechanical components is costly to the manufacturer. At GFW, we have the expertise and the equipment to do sub and electromechanical assembly, effectively, on time, for a more profitable process.

The Process:

Our experts work with our customers to help determine which assembly method is best suited for each component. Next steps are to facilitate, and manufacture the assembly integration into our customers existing systems and devices, while working with customer-supplied drawings, to ensure we adhere to each diverse assembly specifications.

Electromechanical Assembly:

GFW provides the services of electromechanical assembly solutions to take the strain off of our customers supply chain. The end result is a turnkey solution which streamlines our customers purchasing process, by lowering the number of individual components our customers not only have to purchase, but to manage, and assemble. From electrical and servo components and motors to motherboards, wiring harnesses and motion control lifting devices – we provide supply chain solutions for the assembly of these intricate components.

Quality Assurance:

At GFW we value the importance of quality and safety when it comes to our products. We apply those same values and our rigorous quality assurance program to our sub-assembly process.

Our capabilities to procure and create CNC machined parts combined with our sub-assembly and electromechanical assembly services makes for a complete turnkey service for our customers.

Let our experienced team provide your sub-assembly and electromechanical assembly services.

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