Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

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Improve carrying costs and inventory supply inefficiencies by adopting a responsive supply chain program through GFW Technologies Inc.’s vendor managed inventory (VMI) services. We understand the inventory challenges of working with multiple vendors, part numbers, orders, and market volatility. With our VMI program, we tackle these supply challenges, improving stock-outs and helping to lower carrying costs for the customer.

Our VMI success is based on our team’s strategic planning and process integration, optimizing material management for our customers. We procure, manufacture, hold, and replenish stock as needed, so we can dynamically adjust inventories in response to customer demands.

At GFW, our unique VMI program also relies strongly on cooperation between the supplier and the customer. We know the value and importance of effective communication, and that is why we work with our customers for total transparency in order to achieve a streamlined inventory supply with on-time delivery.

Blanket Purchase Order

Reduce purchase lead times through blanket purchase orders. Unlike shorter purchase agreements, we partner with our customers to offer blanket purchase orders - allowing for multiple delivery dates of parts over an extended period of time, with predetermined pricing, increasing customer purchasing power.

Blanket purchase orders also mean reduced stocking requirements, creating leaner operations overall for total improved financial performance.

We also offer sub-assembly solutions – please visit our Sub-Assembly and Electromechanical Assembly section to learn more.

Let our experienced team provide you with Vendor Managed Inventory solutions for your supply chain.

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