Custom Machining & Prototyping

CNC Custom Parts, Custom Machining and Protoyping and Emergency Solutions

Custom machining and prototyping using CNC machines means high-quality parts at a rapid production rate, with the finest precision. At GFW Technologies Inc., we have over 90 years of combined experience through our expert machinists in this field. With today’s design technology, we can easily take customer-supplied drawings or models and, using CNC technology, machine prototype parts accurately, delivered in days. Our machines require minimal manual input, for optimal performance and a higher production rate.

Whether it’s CNC milling or turning, or a custom job involving manual machining, our experience in the industry sets us apart from our competition - we guarantee customer satisfaction through our agility and cost-effective high-quality parts and components.

Emergency Breakdown Service

GFW maintains a stock of raw materials in house which allows us to provide immediate solutions for the growing demands of our valued customers. We offer an emergency breakdown service which allows us to respond quickly upon receiving an urgent request during business hours, to then customize a solution and provide a rapid response. At GFW Technologies, we understand that downtime and a breakdown can cause you both time and money. Our skilled team can help provide parts in hours, instead of weeks, so please give us a call at 519-740-8680.

We are happy to assist in any urgent situation that may arise.

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